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HYPRFRTL is the brand and communications package representing male contraception. 

  • As conception does not occur in men and as men don't give birth, contraception and and birth control are generally foreign concepts to men, who may identify with an alternative narrative.

  • Both the prefix "contra" and the word "control" imply an attempt to restrain or limit, which may also run counter to the inclinations of masculinity or masculine behavior.

  • HYPRFRTL is the disemvoweled form of "hyperfertile," which is a contemporary acknowledgment of the issue that some men face.

  • For some men, being hyperfertile may be valuable; while for others, being hyperfertile may lead to detrimental consequences. Either way, the development of male contraception provides men with a choice following the acknowledgment that men are reproductive creatures whose intelligence and intention can affect the direction of their fertility. 

  • The seahorses are derived from the logo for the EMERGE lab by Dr. Brian T. Nguyen, which provided the content and design for the Center for Male Contraception's website. 

  • The male seahorse is depicted with 2.3 seahorse offspring, representing the ideal number of children needed to provide adequate replacement fertility for the world.

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