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Male contraception is an important and exciting area of research with the potential to dramatically reduce rates of unintended pregnancy and increase gender equity by finally giving men a way to share in the responsibility of planning for a family. This site is regularly maintained as a public resource and forum to increase awareness about developments in male contraception, as well as provide opportunities for participation in surveys and clinical trials.

The Logo & Mission

Our logo is a cross-section of the seminiferous tubule, depicted with radial symmetry: 12 spermatogonia & 12 spermatids reference a clock face, depicting The Center's goal of controlling male fertility and the feasibility of new contraceptives for men. It's only a matter of time now.

Nearly one-third of contraceptive users report using a male-directed method. Current methods for men include only vasectomy, which is not reversible, and condoms or withdrawal, which have high failure rates. Men need and want more options. Many women either cannot use or cannot tolerate current hormonal methods, meaning that women want men to have more options too. Men want to plan and prevent pregnancies; now they just need a method.

Why male contraception?

Male Contraception is in the media! Check out this interview from Bloomberg News and our partnering institute, the Population Council, who have been critical in the development of numerous female contraceptive methods over the last few decades.

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